December 18, 2008

FBI is investigating

FBI is investigating

White Shield death

The FBI continues to investigate the death this past Thursday of a White Shield youth.

According to authorities with the Minneapolis, Minn. FBI office, tribal police summoned agents from the Minot FBI office after a frozen body was found outside a White Shield residence. The victim was reported to be a 16-year-old Native American male who was a resident of White Shield.

A source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the youth was a former student of White Shield School but was not a student this year.

E. K. Wilson with the FBI office in Minneapolis said the death is under "suspicious circumstances." He went on to say that preliminary results have been received but will not be released until further information is available. The state medical examiner’s office conducted the autopsy. Wilson said because the deceased is a minor he couldn’t release the name.

No suspects are in custody in the federal system, Wilson said.

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