September 27, 2017

Finding common ground

Finding common ground, that's the hope of Mayor Shannon Jeff ers and general manager of the Garrison Rural Water District, Marty Dahl.
Jeff ers and Dahl were guests at Monday's Garrison Chamber of Commerce Governmental Aff airs Committee meeting.
The two discussed the marriage between the two entities. Both admitted the relationship, at times, has been rocky. Olive branches were extended by both, Monday.
“Garrison Rural Water has good intentions, and the city's are honorable, we just need to fi nd common ground.” said Dahl.
The water plant is owned and operated by the city. Garrison Rural Water contracts for product from the plant. The cost of maintenance and capital improvements, and who is responsible for paying is the gray area.
At the most recent city council meeting, the board was concerned about payments
by the water district. A new rate was implemented the fi rst of the year. GRWD is paying the previous billing amount, but not the new rate.

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