October 15, 2009

Flu taking a hold

Flu taking a hold
It’s here, and fears are that it won’t be going away anytime soon. Flu season has arrived, and it’s making a statement at Garrison High School.
When asked Tuesday how many students were out due to illness at the high school, office manager Judy Betz could only reply “a lot.”
This past Friday, only four high school students were absent due to illness.
“Then came Monday,” Betz said. She wasn’t joking. The number ballooned to 39. The same amount called in sick Tuesday.
Over at Bob Callies Elementary School, the numbers are much less apparent. This past week, the average was about five students per day. Monday, 11 students called in sick, while Tuesday the number had dropped to seven.
School officials at White Shield said the flu bug hasn’t affected their students, saying only that students have been out “off and on.”
“It’s nothing unusual at this time, said office manager Diana Poitra.
At Max, Brenda Henne reported much the same – nothing unusual. Two students were absent in the high school due to illness Tuesday.
“It isn’t a whole lot,” she said. “At least not yet anyway.”
At Makoti, Liz Huus, office manager at Lewis and Clark North Shore, said that relatively few students have called in sick.
“It’s not a ton,” she said. “About two a day. Some are out more than one day, but most only one.”

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