January 18, 2017

Flushing old plans City Park bathroom matter takes a turn

The bathrooms in the City Park consumed the Garrison Parks & Rec meeting once again. However, instead of remodeling the current facility, the board is looking at putting up a new, more simple building.
At its regular meeting, the board, along with Mike Gackle and Mike Matteson, threw around many ideas but decided to look at the option of a simple bathroom to be built on the opposite side of the park.
“If we update the bathrooms we are looking at $25,000 to make it up to code,” Board Member Danielle Rensch said.
The board looked at the situation as if it were going to be spending the amount of money anyway, reasoning they might as well have an updated building with a higher capacity. According to the board this bathroom would be closed in the winter months and be winterized, similar to the softball field bathrooms.
“If you’re going to try to remodel something you might as well build brand new,” Matteson said.
Gackle agreed saying “Realistically, I don’t see why you couldn’t build one. It’s just like a square brick building.”
Gackle added, “There’s really nothing to them. The thing is you can make them as maintenance free as possible.”

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