May 19, 2021

Food makes the world go ‘round



    The Max Public School participated in a food drive last week. As an annual event the school decided to turn a simple event into a playful competition. The class that raised the most items for the food pantry got to participate in a pie throwing contest. 
    The school raised over 4,000 food items towards the food drive. Mrs. Langlais’s kindergarten class participated in the event and  was responsible for over a quarter of the food pantry’s earning.  Their winnings earned them the reward to throw pies at various adults as their reward. Adults consisting of Principal Sherven as well as some of the kindergartners parents. 
    This kind of school involvement exposes kids to the importance of community involvement and how a little bit goes a long way.
     Along with being acknowledged, the children were able to see their hard work when they visited the Max Food Pantry. Being able to see the food and toiletries that they got to donate allows the kids to make a connection.
    “We got pantry of the year for the state of North Dakota in 2018,” said pantry owner Raymond Iverson.
    This kind of acknowledgment only stems from one thing: volunteers.
    “If I wouldn’t have my volunteers that would have never happened Garrison and Max,” Iverson said.
    Iverson pays his respects to the local help as well as the commercial help within the Garrison and Max area including grocery stores, and elevators that are able to hold food drives that ends up holding a spot on the shelf at the Max Pantry.

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