July 1, 2015

Football complex progress continues


The first football game of the season for the Garrison-Max Troopers is about eight weeks away. When fans attend, they will be greeted by new aluminum bleachers that will accommodate more than 500.

Many of the structures at the football field have suffered through the harsh conditions of weather for years. In one instance a person broke through a portion of the bleachers which had become rotten. Bleachers used at the football field came from the Roy Schei Gym and were not designed for outdoor use. The crows nest is often overcrowded.

Heading up the fund drive for the Garrison Sports Complex project is Garrison High Athletic Director Jason Ermer.

"We are replacing unsafe bleachers with much safer and handicapped accessible bleachers," Ermer said. "We are adding storage to help lengthen the life of equipment so as to not store it outside, exposed to the elements. We will add indoor bathrooms so patrons don’t need to use porta-potties at events."

A new crows nest for videographers, coaches and media is included as well as a concession area.

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