July 11, 2018

Fraud or forgetfulness?

Attempts of duplicate voting investigated
The opportunity to vote by absentee ballot and at the polling place created a little confusion for a handful of Garrison school patrons.
Six people voted absentee and then attempted to vote June 26 at the Garrison High School polling place, according to Amy Betz, the school’s business manager, who along with the election workers discovered the errors. Voters were deciding the fate of a $11 million bond election.
Betz said four people who attempted to vote were remembered by the workers as being among the absentee ballots recorded beginning at 6:30 a.m. that morning. A search proved that was true and the absentee ballots were not recorded.
Two people walked into vote and were reminded that their absentee ballots was already in. The two said they forgot they’d already voted.
Betz said, “I’m fairly certain no others slipped through. I believe we were good about being on top of it.”
Once Betz was alerted that there were six instances, she contacted the North Dakota Bar Association for advice. Officials there said, “That sounds like voter fraud,” and encouraged her to contact the N.D. Secretary of State’s office.

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