December 17, 2014

From England with love

British man, family take in Dickens


Nick Marsden and Bill Saunders, along with their wives, April and Mary, and the Marsden’s son, Maddox, all of Minot, came to Garrison this past Saturday to enjoy the Dickens Village Festival.

That’s not so unusual, you say? Lots of people visit the community to experience a little English hospitality and take in the sights, sounds and smells of a small town that transforms itself into a quaint Dickens era village three weeks a year.

But for the Marsdens, Nick, specifically, attending the festival proved to be a little piece of home that filled a void – especially at Christmas time. You see, Nick Marsden is from England.

The Marsdens have been in the U.S. since September, making a whirlwind tour of the country before arriving in North Dakota on Halloween.

Marsden teases his wife, a Minot native, that she drug him here. The two met in Seattle, but Marsden jokes that he twisted April’s arm to move to England. The two lived in Sheffield, the fourth largest city in England, for six years. With the birth of their son in June, the two decided to move back to the States to be close to April’s family.

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