July 14, 2016

From Willie to Wally to Get Hooked


What's a little friendly competition? This proved to be Garrison's favorite way to find a logo and a brand, and how the big fish on the water tower came to be.

In 1982, the McLean County Independent had an idea. Only two years after the magnificent 26-foot fiberglass walleye, Garrison knew as Willie, was perched at the end

of Main Street, the Independent staff felt he needed an “attractive, captivating” cartoon counterpart.

The $100 prize for Willie Walleye logo contest was born.

“Suggested artwork for a Willie Walleye caricature-type logo is being sought,” an article in the Nov 24, 1982, issue said. “Area artists are encouraged to enter their sketches of a walleye caricature that would provide for the clever or captivating version.”

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