July 15, 2015

Frontier gardens


Creating a living history


Giving a historical insight to how life used to be lived in the area are the recently planted gardens in Fort Stevenson State Park, located west of the Guardhouse.

There is the Soldier Garden and the Native American Garden.

"They were first thought of a couple years ago," Jim Robinson, a Fort Stevenson State Park Foundation member, said. "The foundation and park staff worked together to put the project into action this spring."

While they were in the area, the soldiers and Native Americans both had gardens.

The Soldier Garden is surrounded by corkscrew picket posts.

"They are the same that would have been used to picket horses or make corrals," Robinson said.

In this garden, a variety of produce has been planted, and includes potatoes, squash, onions, cucumbers and carrots.

"I think we’ll plan to switch up what we plant every year," Robinson said.

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