March 15, 2012

Full-time kindergarten proposed at Garrison

Full-time kindergarten proposed at Garrison

Youngsters ready to enter kindergarten this fall at Garrison will hit the ground running.
At a curriculum meeting Monday night in the boardroom at Garrison High School, school officials and Curriculum Committee members agreed it was time to have the class full-time throughout the school year.
In attendance were committee members Rodger Affeldt and Karla Scheresky, and administrators Steve Brannan, Jim Upgren and Shelly Fuller.
Sharing information from this past Friday’s kindergarten registration, Fuller said 16 youngsters registered. She said she knows of at least four more who will be registering. Fuller recommended two classrooms. She said last year, from original numbers – the class grew to 25 students, prompting the class to be broken into two classes.
School officials asked that anyone who has child kindergarten-age and who has not registered should contact the school as soon as possible, which will help administration plan for the coming school year.
At the registration, a survey was taken. In the survey, parents said they thought their children could handle a full kindergarten schedule. This past fall, kindergarten students opened attending class part-time. The second semester, the class went to full-time.

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