January 28, 2010

GAIA wrestles with new ‘problem’

GAIA wrestles with new ‘problem’

While most people may regard a problem as something negative, the problem faced by the Garrison Area Improvement Association is anything but negative. It fact, it’s a good thing.
“We’re facing a new problem,” said Glen Huettl, GAIA president. “In the past we had been faced with empty (business) buildings. We have come full circle – all the buildings are filled. Now businesses come to us wanting to build new buildings.
“It’s a good problem,” he added, “to try to find places instead of trying to fill spaces.”
Huettl’s comments seemed to set a positive tone that prevailed throughout the remainder of the group’s annual meeting
With a theme of “Hooked on Success,” even the location of Monday’s meeting served as a reminder of a successful venture. The meeting took place at The Meadows assisted living center.
Richard Lehnherr, a board member of Better Living for Garrison, the organization that spearheaded the effort to build the facility, gave a positive review of the project.
Even though Lehnherr provided some large numbers in conjunction with construction of The Meadows, he was most impressed with a small number -- .02 percent or $120. That, Lehnherr noted, is what remains uncollected or “outstanding” from pledges made in support of the project. He added, “That says a lot about Garrison!” He noted that 144 donors had pledged a total of more than $530,000.
As far as the big numbers, Lehnherr said total project cost was about $3,327,370. He said that amount was about $6,000 over original projections. “I think that is pretty good,” he said.

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