February 25, 2015

Garrison board OK’s open enrollment


The Garrison School Board has lifted its freeze on open enrollment. The move opens the door for students in neighboring districts to opt to enroll at Garrison.

School officials closed open enrollment in 2010 citing concerns about class size at some grade levels.

Board President Rodger Affeldt said when the freeze was implemented, a lot depended on class size and teacher availability. Four years ago, when enrollment was closed, some elementary grades had one instructor and one classroom. Now, each grade has two classrooms and adequate staffing.

Superintendent Steve Brannan dovetailed Affeldt’s statement, saying when the decision was made, energy growth in western North Dakota was booming and people were moving to the area. It was also when Minot was ravaged by its flood. A number of families relocated to Garrison. Presently, class sizes have stabilized.

Another factor that played a part in the decision was the change in per pupil reimbursements.

The deadline for application to open enroll is Monday. But there are some allowances for extending that deadline, like moving into the area at a later date. Other options are available.

Brannan said school officials would work with families who would like their children to attend the Garrison Public Schools.

At their meeting this past Thursday, board members OK’d an open enrollment request by Travis and Dawn Kolden for their child, Kane, to attend Garrison school. The Koldens live in the Roseglen area and are in the Lewis & Clark School District. Other Kolden children already attend Garrison

Board members also approved a tuition agreement request by Dawn Klein for daughter Emily to attend Garrison school. The student will be grandfathered in as two previous family members have attended Garrison.

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