March 5, 2009

Garrison council fails to fill seat

Garrison council fails to fill seat
Finding a new alderman to fill the seat vacated by Alderman Bill Iglehart for the Garrison City Council is a bit difficult.
At Monday’s regular monthly meeting, council members differed in their opinion of whether to seat Rick Schumaier on the city council.
The disagreement is with how or who can appoint an individual to fill the position. Aldermen were in conflict over interpretation of verbiage in the North Dakota Century code as to how a council member can be appointed.
Mayor Dave Reinarts maintains the mayor appoints an individual and the council approves. Aldermen Steve Hasenwinkel and Chad Rensch contend it is the council’s duty to present or nominate names for consideration.
At the meeting, Reinarts brought forth Schumaier’s name. But after airing their differences on the matter on who should present names a vote was taken with the nomination being rejected.
Voting “yes” was Richard Lehnherr. Voting “nay” were Hasenwinkel, Rensch and Rick Gienger. Alderman Gene Hummel was absent.
Hasenwinkel said he had been approached by three people who expressed interest in the seat. Those names were mentioned at an earlier council meeting for consideration. Those individuals were former council members Susan Steinwand, Chad Betz and Dan Splichal.

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