May 21, 2009

Garrison grad ‘did it her way’

Garrison grad ‘did it her way’
It’s graduation time and congratulations are certainly in order. Those who will be graduating from area high schools have reached an important milestone.
Amy Proell, Garrison, has not only completed the requirements to graduate, she is a step ahead of other area 2009 grads. She received her diploma May 12 in the presence of her personal support team.
“I made history,” Amy said. She’s right, of course! As the first student to earn a diploma through the Garrison Learning Center, she has made history.
Amy said she had always been motivated to learn but had been frustrated in a traditional classroom setting. As a result, she failed several classes her freshman year.
Help was on the horizon, however. That help was in the form of an alternative educational setting. Offered as an extension of the Garrison School District, the program offered something new – an opportunity to study independently.
The following fall, Amy and a handful of other students enrolled in the Garrison Learning Center. For Amy, the change was like a breath of fresh air. Rather than facing the school day with dread, she embraced it as an opportunity to learn.
“I liked it because we could work at our own pace,” she said. “There was no set time for a class to be completed.” She said she also enjoyed the feeling of independence she gained through the program.

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