March 18, 2020

Garrison grinds to a halt


Life in parts of the country have been brought to a stand still.
With the outbreak of the flu and corona virus, other known as Covid-19, Garrison has been greatly impacted. 

Local Schools
At this point all schools in North Dakota are canceled until at least Friday and will go week to week after that.
“I will be meeting with my administrative team to develop our plan moving forward based on the governor’s recommendation,” Garrison Superintendent Nick Klemisch said. “This week will not be made up, but we will be preparing for the event should we be closed longer than this week.”
The decision about school next week will be made Friday.
“We have decided to not allow any outside activities use of our facilities until further notice, we are suspending all active groups groups from our facilities,” Klemisch added. 
All 2020 NDHSAA Class B Boys State Tournament were canceled.

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