January 24, 2018

Garrison native gets shaken up

Alaskan rocked, warned of tsunami
Steve Boyle, formerly of Garrison, wasn’t awakened by his alarm clock early Tuesday morning, but by being violently shaken by an earthquake.
“It lasted a little longer than a lot of them do,” Boyle said. “It hit real hard. I jumped out of bed and then it stopped, so I went back to bed.”
National news stations reported early Tuesday morning of a tsunami warning and earthquakes in Anchorage, Alaska, Boyle’s home for the past 30 years.
These natural events are the “norm” in Alaska, so much that Boyle was able to calmly go back to sleep after the tremor.
“We get earthquakes frequently,” he said. “The one that just hit was pretty strong and we only get one or two of those in a year.”
Boyle said, along with the extreme natural events, Alaska has had a strange winter.
“We have had a little snow, then really warm, in the 40s. Then, freezing rain,” he said. “We have had around four inches of snow since the earthquake happened.”

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