April 5, 2017

Garrison officials want to curb unsightly lots

With most snow merely a memory, its absence is revealing a number of unsightly areas and debris.
Garrison city officials said they plan to send certified letters, giving property owners a set amount of days to clean up their property, or it will be done by the city with costs assessed to the owner’s tax statement.
“Some of these yards are getting in bad shape,” said Mayor Shannon Jeffers. “We need to start sending letters, due process … we have to do it,” he told the council.
Jeffers said it’s also time to follow through, hiring an enforcement officer.
“I think we could probably use one for the summer,” Alderman John Matthews said.
Shaking his head at some of the areas he’s seen in the community, Jeffers said he didn’t know what other action to take. Year after year, city officials offer free dumping at the landfill in the spring, encourage people to maintain their property or control construction debris. In some cases those requests fall on deaf ears.

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