April 22, 2020

Garrison schools online rest of school year?

Garrison School Board discussed the rest of the current school year, and next fall, at its regular meeting Tuesday evening.
One of the action items on the boards agenda read “In light of COVID-19 and information obtained, Dr. Klemisch would recommend we carry out our distance learning plan through the remainder of the school year with the exception being the Governor orders us back to school.”
He explained there was no added benefit to bring the students back into the school for 19 days after they’ve been out for four weeks. 
He meets online with superintendents to discuss different perspectives three days a week.
“One thing I’m concerned with, the facts that if we were to congregate in groups what that would bring to our table,” Klemisch said.
He said, “Many superintendents are pushing for this be our plan moving forward. To share with our community that the plan is distance learning for the rest of this school year.”
Once the year is called to a close, the school will need to get their property like text books and Chrome books turned back in. Along with the principals, Klemisch has a plan to get everything back.

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