February 23, 2012

Generator purchase raises questions

Generator purchase raises questions

The city’s recent purchase of a diesel generator has created more than one question.
This past week, a representative from a Fort Wayne, Ind., firm, Mighty-Quip, stopped by Garrison City Hall. And when the representative left, city officials had purchased themselves a $6,500 Hyundi diesel generator. The purchase price also included, at no-charge, a gas/propane generator, wheelbarrow air compressor, Hyundi 3,000 psi pressure washer and Hyundi 3-inch water pump.
City officials said they thought a generator would be used as a supplemental power source that could be used by the fire department, or at the auditorium and city hall in case of a disaster or emergency.
One implication is that a quorum of the council discussed and made the decision on the purchase without first giving public notice, which is a violation of the open meetings law.
Alderman Chad Betz was notified that the salesman was at city hall and was asked his opinion about the equipment. Not being familiar with the machine(s), aldermen Chris Gratton and Glen Nygard were sought for their input, and that constituted a quorum.

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