January 3, 2013

Growing to meet the need

Growing to meet the need
Elevator announces future plans

The former Peavey Elevator is now gone – making room for an expansion project that’s in the works for Garrison Farmers Union Elevator/CHS.
But once that portion is complete, much more is planned. Other plans are in the works, and some of that includes the present main terminal. 
Carl Younce, CHS regional director, shared a glimpse of how the Garrison Farmers Union Elevator/CHS will look like 20 years into the future.
Where the crib construction Peavey Elevator stood will rise a 580,000 bu. concrete facility. Once that is complete, the other crib construction elevator, now a major portion of the main terminal, and the smaller elevator, on the west side of the large structure, will be next to fall to the wrecking ball.
GFUE/CHS manager Chris Gratton said the reason for the growth and continued updates is to better serve patrons and to comply with CHS and OSHA safety guidelines. Crib-style elevators like the Peavey structure are becoming a thing of the past.
“It would have to be taken down over time,” Younce said.
Adding a dryer is also on the to-do list, but driers make noise.
“We will try to get the quietest one on the market, but we just want to make you aware, with corn coming into the area, this is needed,” Younce said.

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