September 1, 2011

Growth spurs housing activity

Growth spurs housing activity

New homes, bustling activity on Main Street, full motel rooms, other construction projects abound.
Garrison has been rediscovered. At least that’s what some are saying when talking about the recent boom. What is the draw? Oil activity in the region is having an impact, but there are other factors as well, including quick access to recreation opportunities.
GAIA Executive Director Jude Iverson said if there is a specific draw to Garrison, it may be location and affordability.
The GAIA office is a clearing house for community inquiries. Iverson said the calls that stand out the most for her are ones from people who live in areas where daily life is changing due to rapid energy growth.
“If people decided to come here they will stay because it’s just a great place to live,” she said.
Most of the calls she receives are for general information, including housing. The majority are for rentals. The requests are coming from all sectors – young families to retirees to semi-retired people.
A positive aura surrounds the community and its potential for growth said Nathan Turck of Three-Mile High LLC, the firm that owns a number of rental houses in Garrison.
The firm is also building two homes in the Bicentennial Addition in northeast Garrison.
“We feel that Garrison is a wonderful community with a lot of opportunity for people,” he said.
Iverson said the community is noted for its hospitality.

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