September 8, 2011

Harvest shows mixed bag

Harvest shows mixed bag
Farmers see lower yield, higher prices
By Michael Johnson
BHG News Service

Area producers are continuing to harvest small grains as weather provides only slightly drier conditions than what has been seen over the growing season.
Poor attendance at elevators is the norm in the county for small grains but row crops look to be very promising as long as winter can hold off.
At Falkirk Farmers Elevator, in the southern portion of the county, the winter wheat has come to a close and spring wheat is over the half-way point with yields less than anticipated.
Elevator Manager Ron Hefta also notes that barley is almost complete and yields are a bit disappointing.
The week has been slower for harvesting as mornings have been very wet from fog. Even without the constant rain, the fog experienced last week was equivalent to nearly one-quarter inch of rain per day, Hefta said.
Falkirk primarily handles wheat and pinto beans. The highlight is that pinto beans will start to harvest in another three weeks and the yield looks very promising.
“The row crops look very optimistic,” Hefta said. “Some of the nicest soybeans I’ve ever seen.”
Garrison Farmers Union Elevator/CHS Manager Chris Gratton said this year has been a disappointment for most farmers in the northern half of the county, too.
What producers are seeing are less than average yields, quality issues and the lack of nice weather to aid in getting the crop to the bin.
Whereas wheat and durum yields have been in the 40 bushel vicinity, this year, farmers report they are seeing anywhere from 20-30 bushels.
Gratton said that’s about 20 bushels to the acre below the past two year’s average.

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