September 6, 2017

Hats for Harvey

With Hurricane Harvey not only taking a toll on Texans physically and emotionally, it’s also hurting people’s hearts around the nation. Garrison High School wants to show its support and help Texas in its time of need.
Garrison High School’s Student Government has taken the initiative to hold a hat week to help The Lone Star State. The idea was thought of by student government President Cassidee Calhoun.
She thought fund raising for Harvey was a great idea; “When the country is in crisis we should all pitch in, because if one part of our nation is weak our whole nation is weak,” said Calhoun.
When the high school has a hat event it is usually just a hat day, but the student government wanted to fund-raise for longer to have a bigger opportunity to raise as much money for Texas as possible.
“It’s an easy way to make money and get students involved”, said Calhoun.
The high school is hosting the event this week and by all indications the event is a popular idea.

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