September 16, 2015

Help wanted

Local businesses in need of workers


Signs, signs, everywhere there are signs. There are apply within signs, help wanted signs and cashiers wanted signs around Garrison. Many businesses in Garrison are hiring and some businesses are operating short-staffed.

The struggle is real for businesses trying to find more staff in Garrison. With so many businesses looking for help there just might not be enough people to fill all the positions.

Shannon Staehr, manager at Krause’s Market, said It has been a revolving door between different businesses in town.

"Right now, we only have 35 employees and usually we have 45-50 employees; it’s a weekly job of hiring new people," he said.

Brian Sailer, owner of Four Seasons Restaurant, said he has had more than 20 dishwashers since the late Teddy Kolden became ill in Aug. 2013 and passed away.

"The pool is a lot smaller to choose from. I had staff in place and applications but when positions became available applicants weren’t available any more," he said.

Scott Foss, administrator of Benedictine Living Center-Garrison, said, "We make do with the amount of employees. But more would be nice."

Foss thinks it’s a struggle to find employees from a combination of things.

"Kids are more involved in community and school events, parents provide more so there isn’t as much pressure to get a job," he said.

Times have changed at Farmers Union Oil. In 2000, an article in the Independent featured Cenex Convenience store and Lake Road Restaurant both needing staff.

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