August 13, 2009

Heritage Park plans continue

Heritage Park plans continue
What about Heritage Park?
A laundry list of needed repairs, coupled with an insignificant amount of money to finance those repairs, might be problem enough. Toss in another problem, just a handful of members on the Heritage Park roster.
As members of the Heritage Park Foundation struggled to maintain the historical park in southwest Garrison, another issue came to the forefront of the battle. There was simply too much work to do and too few people to do it.
That was the message that foundation members brought to a Garrison Chamber of Commerce meeting earlier this year. During the meeting, Geniece Holst spoke passionately about the museum and its importance to the community. Just as passionately, she put forth a plea for help. The barebones membership of the group came into sharp focus when Holst explained that several active members had passed away and that new members had not come into the organization. The lack of a good membership roster is apparent with the positions filled by Holst. Due to the deaths of other key members, she is now serving as foundation president, vice-president and secretary/treasurer. Until recently, the board only had two other active members, Harold and Agnes Lindsey. Connie Bennett, a member of “the Baker family” has since joined the board. The family supports the foundation financially and pays maintenance costs for a log cabin they donated to Heritage Park.

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