June 9, 2011

High lake level impacts state park

High lake level impacts state park
Volunteers assist with sandbagging


Just a few years ago, several Garrison residents tackled a massive endeavor – working to get a new marina built at Fort Stevenson State Park. The situation that prompted the effort was a prolonged drought – one that left the park’s deTrobriand Bay marina high and dry.
The endeavor was successful and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers agreed to build a new marina – one that would remain usable even during times of drought.
Following Corps approval, the new Garrison Marina was built and officially opened May 21, 2010.
All is not well at the new marina.
Ironically, the marina that was built as an answer to record-setting low lake levels is now threatened with another record-setting water level. This time the problem is simply too much water. Not only is the lake level at a record high, it is continuing to rise.

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