December 28, 2016

Ho Ho Ho, bring on the snow

Reflecting on Christmas storm
Santa brought a bit of the North Pole with him this Christmas as Garrison saw 15 inches of snow Christmas Day.
The average snowfall for the Garrison area is 33 inches. With the most recent storm, the total this season is 42½. Last year’s seasonal total (Oct. through April) was 15 inches. The most snow recorded in the area was the winter of 2010-11 when 98½ inches of snow fell.
During the storm and the following Monday, U.S. Highway 83 was closed from Minot to Bismarck, making it impossible for anyone who was in Garrison to leave, or those who were elsewhere for the holidays to get back home. Those who would cross the blockades were subject to a $250 fine and extremely dangerous road conditions.
The McLean County Sheriff’s Office sent out a no travel advisory for all of McLean County. It said not only was no travel advised, any attempt to do so would be hazardous due to blowing and drifting snow that would be blocking most roadways.

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