June 29, 2016

Home is where the heart is


Unless you were at the head of the line at the Max All School Reunion book signing, you couldn’t get a copy of Julie McElwain’s "A Murder in Time." Every store in Minot and Bismarck was sold out.

However, McElwain didn’t start out as a successful author, living in Longbeach, Calif., she grew up in Max to parents Jim and JoAnne McElwain and was part of the Max class of ’83.

"There’s something so special about being from a small town, and from North Dakota, I am so blessed," she said. "I’ve been surprised and really honored by the feedback and the community."

Reflecting on the quality of education she had growing up in Max, McElwain said she couldn’t have gotten luckier with a small town education.

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