August 4, 2011

Ice rink won’t be built by pool

Ice rink won’t be built by pool

Among the first orders of business during Monday’s Garrison City Council meeting was an unsuccessful attempt by park board members to have a recent council decision reversed.
Paul Garcia, chairman of the Garrison Park Board, and Paul Schlichting, park board member, asked the council to reconsider its decision to rebuild an indoor skating rink at its former location (south of Wilderness Park in northeast Garrison).
Schlichting provided copies of a layout showing how the rink could be incorporated into an established recreation area in northwest Garrison. “It’s a nice location,” he said. He said a rink at that site would complement existing recreation facilities. The site already contains an outdoor pool and a baseball diamond; two tennis courts are under construction just west of the pool. By incorporating the rink in the existing recreation area, Schlichting said, “I think it would be more user-friendly.” If the indoor rink was built at that location, Schlichting said, the structure could be used as a multi-purpose building. An example of possible uses, he said, would be to house auction sales.

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