January 3, 2013

Indoor rink almost open for business

Ice, ice baby
Indoor rink almost open for business

Garrison’s ice skating rink is hoping to open in the next few days.
“We have had a few things holding us back,” said Sandy Crawford, Park Board maintenance supervisor.
The warming house is still waiting to get flooring that will protect the skates and a phone needs to be installed. “Even with the use of cell phones today, we still need a phone in the building,” Crawford said.
The brand new facility has been painted and skates are on the walls, but the ice in the rink is being a little more difficult.
“It’s fine to skate on,” said Crawford, pointing to the girls skating on the ice. “But not every area is completely frozen and it is a little bumpy.”
Crawford plans to fix this by filling the rink with some water and opening the big garage doors on the ends. She said by doing this, she’s hoping the night will be around 20 degrees and there will be a cold wind to blow through and freeze the water smoothly.

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