September 21, 2016

Is the brass ring in sight?

A solution to in-town transpA solution to in-town transportation of students of Garrison School could be within grasp, so will the brass ring get snagged?
About a dozen patrons attended Monday’s regular meeting of the school board. Their attendance was in reaction to the board’s decision last month to suspend in-town busing.
Speaking for the patrons was Mark Torno. He presented a list of key points, including asking the board to reconsider its decision to end in-town busing, elementary to high school transportation and alternative drop-offs.
Torno inquired about the district’s maximum use of seats, saying though buses are close to full, empty seats remain.
Route length was discussed and if adding in-town stops it would affect the time students ride buses. Torno said he thought it would be acceptable for rural students to ride the bus 1½ -2 hours per trip, or up to four hours per day on a bus for rural students.

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