August 16, 2017

It comes down to enforcement

Parks and Rec.battles dog issues
“It all comes down to liability issues.”
Those are the words of Laura Hellebush, Parks and Recreation Department chairman, as she talked about the issue of dogs in the City Park.
In addition, lack of leash law enforcement led the board to ban dogs from all ball fields in the community.
A number of incidents have been reported, board members said. Hellebush said the only way insurance would cover a dog bite is if the leash law in Garrison was enforced, and according to the board, that’s not happening.
Members said it comes down to enforcement.
“You have a city ordinance but we don’t have an enforcer,” said Heidi Smith, board member.
The city’s ordinance enforcement officer is Deputy Curt Olson.
Hellebush said she’s unsure that a case could be won with how lax enforcement is.
The board admits it will be hard to keep dogs out of the City Park, however plans are to add signage to remind dog owners about leash use.
There are also issues with dogs living in proximity to the park. In one incident a dog attacked Mayor Shannon Jeffers as he rode his bicycle.

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