June 28, 2012

It’s a lucrative proposition

It’s a lucrative proposition
School board members average $3,550 in pay

It pays to be a Garrison School board member.
To the tune of $24,850 for service during the past 12 months.
That’s how much checks to seven school board members will total when they are dispersed at the end of the month. Bonnie Nygard was the only board member who said she will refuse any payment, according to Jennifer Bowerman, business manager.
Board members are paid $100 per meeting, whether it’s a committee meeting or a board meeting.
And on some nights more than one meeting has been held. For example, on the night of a monthly board meeting there may be one or two committee meetings. On Sept. 20, 2011, there were four meetings: budget, transportation, a special board meeting and a regular board meeting. Karla Scheresky and Rodger Affeldt are on all the committees and attended the two board meetings, which made for a $400 night for each.

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