August 16, 2017

It’s a wrap for CANDISC

Whether they had ridden for one year, 10 or all 25, it was a bittersweet ending to an era for all participants of Cycling Around North Dakota in Sakakawea Country.
The riders ended the final tour in the Garrison City Park, Saturday. They were welcomed with fried and baked walleye and many other treats.
It was a time for visiting and reminiscing on years past of CANDISC.
The Johnson family of Shawnee, Kan. rolled in and took a photo under Wally the Walleye.
The family’s been riding in CANDISC for more than 10 years. They agreed this final ride was “awesome.”
“We definitely enjoyed the ride,” Mark Johnson said.
His daughter, Natalie, agreed, saying it was the reason the family kept coming back.
The Johnson family was sad that this was the final tour because they said they had such a great time riding over the years.
Karen Adamo of Several Park, Md., was one of the four riders who’s been part of all 25 tours.
Adamo, originally from New Rockford, went on the first CANDISC tour after her sister saw a blurb about it in a newspaper.
“I jumped on that and I’ve loved it ever since,” she said. “I said I was gonna keep going until they stopped or I had to.”

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