August 19, 2010

It’s crunch time

It’s crunch time

Schools face space limitations


Grade sizes at Garrison average 30 students – a far cry from grades of 50-plus that were seen in the 60’s and 70’s.
But with the need for more specialization in the modern education era, more room is required to educate today’s students. Schools are continually looking for extra room in a time of declining enrollment.
At Garrison’s Bob Callies Elementary School, a portable building was erected this summer to accommodate one of the two sixth grade classes. The class has 28 students.
The reason, Garrison School officials said, is to bring a more individual approach to education.
“We are trying very hard to keep our class sizes small,” explained Bob Callies Elementary Principal Shelley Fuller.
Superintendent Steve Brannan concurs.
“The smaller the class, the more effective the learning,” he said.
“The picture of a school has so totally changed,” Brannan went on to say. “In Garrison, we have the fortune of having the ability of keeping our class sizes at the most effective levels.”

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