April 14, 2011

It’s the worst he’s seen

It’s the worst he’s seen
Highway superintendent rates damage

What McLean County Highway Superintendent Ron Wagner saw as he toured the county Tuesday, surveying the damage to county roads was sobering. The day was long. Everywhere he turned he saw more damage.
“It was not a good day,” said a tired Wagner Tuesday night.
What the superintendent saw were washed out roads, roads under water and areas where water was still going over roadways.
All portions of the county have been affected by the rapidly melting snow. That melting has turned tranquil streams into raging, rushing rivers. Those out of control flows are leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. The lone area that appears to have gotten by relatively well is around Butte in far northeast McLean County.
In a word, Wagner said the damage is overwhelming.
He said it’s too early to tell how extreme the damage is because water is still raging. There are some areas where the water has already receded and county crews have been quick to get those roadways back to accommodate traffic.

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