July 1, 2015

It’s time to cut it lose


Max school hopes to sell rodeo grounds


The Max School Board would like to unload the rodeo grounds on the west side of the community.

One of the reasons is that it will cost the district about $1,600 annually for special assessments. Over 10 years, it will amount to about $14,000, school officials said. Another reason is the area is something the district does not need.

"It’s something the school district will never use," said Superintendent Craig Eraas.

"We, as a school district, would like to dissolve it. It’s a huge liability to us," said Board President Dennis Erickson.

According to school officials, the area is the site of what was a district-owned baseball field. The original Max School was adjacent to the rodeo grounds (lot across the street from the present water tower). That area is now owned by the city, but the rodeo grounds has remained under ownership of the school.

School officials said they’d like to deed the land to the Max Rodeo Club.

"We are willing to sell it to you for $1 to get it off our plate," Erickson said.

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