January 6, 2016

It's all in the ordianance


Garrison city officials have asked their attorney, Jim Wilson, to begin the task of updating the city’s ordinances.

At their regular meeting Monday, the council directed Wilson to review and begin to update the guidelines for R-1 (single family residential) and R-2 (two-family and multi-family residence).

It is the goal of Mayor Shannon Jeffers to see these ordinances brought current and to be in accord with the city’s new comprehensive plan.

He asked if the city should pursue the effort. Alderman Dave Reinarts said, "yes."

"I think we need to do it but we need to hire someone to do it," he said.

At a previous meeting, the council considered undertaking the job itself.

Discussing how it should be done, Auditor Diane Affeldt reminded the city cannot take ordinances from another community and adapt them to local needs. Ordinances need to be tailored to what the city wants, said Wilson and Jeffers.

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