August 24, 2016

It's produce time

For some, having an garden is impossible or undesirable. However, those without gardens are not left without fresh produce. The farmers market season is underway.
Sharline Fredricks, a frequent shopper of the local farmers markets said she has been taking advantage of the benefits for many years.
“I come because of all of the homegrown stuff,” she said. “It is so much better tasting.”
The improved tasted, however, does not come without hard work.
Amber Lies, a familiar face in the local farmers markets, receives help from her family to manage her two-acre garden.
“She has 55 cucumber plants, 28 tomato plants, 15 zucchini, and 450 feet of potatoes,” Sam Lies, Amber’s sister, said.
Kim Lies, Amber’s mom, laughed, saying, “In other words, we are nuts.”
Amber’s Veggies has been around for three years, selling her goods for an FFA project.
“Business has been really good,” Amber said. “We are taking a lot of orders.”
Down the row of vendors is another familiar face, Eleanor K

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