January 19, 2012

Jazz ensemble going incognito

Jazz ensemble going incognito

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is coming to the Garrison High School Music Department’s jazz ensemble. It’s receiving a composition written specifically for them by a musician/composer who now lives in Los Angeles.
GHS Music Department director Jessy Klimpel made the request of his friend Adam Hochstatter. The piece is entitled “Mr. Incognito.”
Klimpel said Hochstatter, a Fargo native, is an accomplished pianist who has a sense of energy and excitement in his writing. He said Hochstatter also has a knack for writing challenging parts.
Klimpel said he asked that the piece implement a funk-rock groove as the basis. Klimpel has heard the piece and said Hochstatter did not disappoint.
“He came up with an absolute stunner,” Klimpel said.

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