January 17, 2018

K-9 story jumps off the page

Students get to meet police dog
For third grade students at the Bob Callies Elementary school, a story they recently read in class was brought to life.
After reading the tale of Aero the police dog and his handler, Officer Mike, the students were able to meet a real police dog, thanks to the McLean County Sheriff’s Department.
K-9 handler for the department, Justin Cote, brought his dog, Chance, in to the classroom, telling kids what the team’s deities are.
Cote told the excited students he and Chance help the department find things, such as drugs, evidence and even suspects hiding from police. However, Chance’s main area of expertise, Cote said, is sniffing out marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine.
“These drugs are all very, very bad for you, so we don’t want anyone to have them,” he told the students. “Chance finds them for us.”

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