September 8, 2011

Kansas man part of local effort for half century

Kansas man part of local effort for half century

Lloyd Everett is thinking about retiring. If he does, he’ll end a career that has spanned six decades.
Even though he hails from Kansas, Lloyd’s work as a custom harvester has been bringing him to the local area for more than 50 years.
Thinking back to 1957, Lloyd recalled the first time that he, his family and crew began working for area producers. He and his wife, the late Joyce Everett, made their first trek to North Dakota when their daughter Debra was under the age of two. Their son Darrell was about four months old. Other members of the group included Lloyd’s parents, the late Elwood and Esther Everett, and several hired men. The Everetts stayed in trailer houses that were parked near the Roseglen Legion Hall. The hired men slept in a bus that was parked nearby.
Over the years, he said, “We worked for everybody you could imagine in the Makoti and Roseglen area. We started working at Makoti for Elmer Anderson.” Thinking back through the years. Lloyd said he’s seen changes in the land. “Where Makoti Lake is now, it used to be so dry that we drove across it.”

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