July 3, 2013

Lagoons get a closer look

Lagoons get a closer look

Is Garrison’s present waste water system adequate, or is it time to consider expansion?
Just like the fresh water storage pinch, where a new above-ground storage tower is getting a long hard look Down the improvement list is the lagoon system.
The current configuration is adequate for the current population, said city maintenance supervisor Alan Beyreis.
“The only reason at this point in time that another lagoon should be built would be a rapid growth in the town’s population,” he said.
But, Beyreis said there are capacity problems. One option would be to add an aeration system that would speed turnover. Aeration would also help reduce sludge. Filtration is another option.
“Sized properly, the system should go six months without a transfer,” Beyreis said. “Now, it only goes half that.”

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