June 8, 2016

Last day for Makoti School


BHG News Service

It was transition time at Lewis and Clark School as students and teachers closed the books in Makoti. But it was not an ordinary end of school year. This last day of school marked the permanent closure of the school. Mixed emotions abounded everywhere.

High school students led the way in embracing the move to Plaza High School where they will attend going forward. There were some final assignments and projects to complete while other students moved boxes from the once buzzing classrooms.

"In a way it’s kind of sad, I like this school, but it is closer for me in Plaza and I am looking forward to the new gym and the new classrooms," Hayden Andes said.

Justice Bangen agreed. "It is sad about all of the history for the people who went to school here, but I am excited about opening the high school in Plaza again," he said.

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