December 18, 2013

Lending an ear to constituents


The future of the country and debt burden that will be passed on to future generations is on the mind of one Garrison area couple. It’s also a concern for North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer.

Cramer was in Garrison Monday afternoon. His stop in Garrison was part of the congressman’s Coffee with Cramer discussions. One of the focal points was the direction the country is headed.

Rollie and Carol Port, cabin owners on Lake Audubon, were two of those attending the meeting.

Carol told Cramer she is afraid for America’s future and fears the country is becoming a captive audience to a dictator.

The couple has five children and nine grandchildren. Rollie told Cramer his fears are not for his wife and himself, but for future generations.

"Our kids are going to be left with such a debt, and that bothers me," he said.

Cramer agreed: We should be diligent with every penny," he said.

Cramer added that national debt will never get under control until entitlements are dealt with.

He also talked at length about the recent budget deal that was hammered out in the House this past week. The measure now goes to the Senate. Cramer said he’s confident the bill will pass.

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