August 26, 2015

Levy, reserve fund proposed


The Garrison School District is losing the catch up battle.

That’s why the school board is considering adding miscellaneous mills and a special reserve fund.

At their meeting last week, Superintendent Nick Klemisch told the board the preliminary budget looks solid with a miscellaneous mill levy and special reserve account.

But Klemisch thinks without the addition of the two levies the district will face financial challenges.

"We have an aging bus fleet, large outstanding bill with HA Thompson (boiler replacement project at the high school – a balance of $500,000) and serious technology and security needs," he said.

Klemisch proposes 12 miscellaneous mills, 3 mills for a special reserve fund and a 1.72 mill increase in the general fund.

"Playing with the numbers, we can cut all we want in a number of different things, but the bottom line is without a miscellaneous mill levy we’re going to be strapped for cash when it comes to certain things," Klemisch said.

"Our expenditures have been on the decline, but ultimately, when we have certain things that need to be fixed and certain other things that need to be updated or maintained there’s only so much we can cut from that. The miscellaneous mill levy would be, I believe, that perfect option," he added.

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