June 20, 2018

Lifeguards in hot water

There wasn’t a dull moment at the most recent meeting of the Garrison Park Board. From the condition the contractor left the park’s new bathrooms in, to the conduct of the lifeguards at the Garrison Swimming Pool, the June 13 meeting became heated at times.
The board extensively discussed the problem of lifeguards taking too many vacation days.
“The lifeguards have asked for way too many hours off,” Park Board President Laura Hellebush said. “Per the contract the new life guards signed, they must work a minimum of 20 hours a week.”
The board said they are only going to allow one full day off for each lifeguard during the week of the state fair.
“This is a summer job – no different than a job at the Malt Shoppe or at the Farmers Union,” Heidi Smith said. “We are not closing the pool just because a bunch of girls want to go to the state fair.”
There were concerns regarding reports from parents and board members about the behavior of some of the lifeguards.
“I have had three sets of families come up to me with concerns and the pool hasn’t even been open two full weeks,” Smith said. “It seems like every year the problem has gotten worse and worse. I was not impressed when one of them rolled her eyes at me when I pointed out a concern one day.”

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