August 1, 2018

Lights out over varsity yards

Football remains a hot topic
Students, parents, coaches and administrators in the communities of Garrison and Max have likely used the word “football” more in the past month than they ever have before.
Another meeting occurred Monday regarding the dissolution of the Garrison-Max varsity football team, and parties from both sides of the debate say the meeting was civil — debunking numerous rumors spreading around town.
There were seven people at this meeting: six administrators from both Garrison and Max, and Jon Calhoun, the team’s head coach. The three administrators from Garrison were Supt. Nick Klemisch, Principal/Athletic Director Steve Dangel and the second A.D. Jason Ermer. The three representing Max were Supt. Pat Windish, Principal Travis Engen and A.D. Jay Borseth.
Like the opinions of the residents in the two affected communities, the opinions of the seven men at the meeting were also divided. However, one thing was unanimous: the well-being of the kids, despite different views on what well-being actually means.
Administration’s View
Both Klemisch and Windish said Monday’s meeting was positive.
“The conversation focused on the newly acquired student participant list for football with an emphasis on safety by all those present, including John Calhoun,” Klemisch said.

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