July 21, 2011

Location of rink settled (or not)

Location of rink settled (or not)

After going a winter without an ice-skating rink, Garrison area youngsters can look forward to skating during the upcoming winter season. However, just where they will be skating appears to be somewhat of a wild card.
Just two weeks ago, in an Independent story, “Ice will be nice,” readers were told that a new indoor rink would be located near Wilderness Park in northeast Garrison. That is the location of the former rink whose roof collapsed during the overnight hours of Feb. 5, 2011.
Over the past several months, an alternate location has been discussed as a possible site to rebuild the downed 50x100-foot structure. That location, in northwest Garrison, is near the swimming pool and was proposed to be part of a “sports complex.” While the area is already home to the pool and a Little League baseball diamond, two new tennis courts are being constructed nearby. Supporters of the area as a sports complex have argued that the site is the logical choice for the rink.

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